Bogdan Corporation, one of the most dynamic enterprises in Ukraine, combines the capacity to produce buses and trolley buses, cars, trucks and commercial vehicles, and has its own extensive retail and service network.

Automobile companies that belongs to the Corporation are important to the economy of the regions in which they are located, and for the country as a whole, as the automobile industry is an engine of economic development. Every workplace at the factory creates at least ten workplaces in adjacent areas.

Today, the Corporation does not only produce cutting-edge technology vehicles for cities, but offers comprehensive solutions for all transport infrastructure.

Bogdan Corporation combines companies that produce, implement and perform warranty service for all types of vehicles in its structure.

Production capacity of the Bogdan Corporation, in which creation almost $500 million had been invested, about 120-150 thousands of cars, up to 6 thousands of Buses and trolley buses of all classes, as well as about 15 thousands of trucks and specialized vehicles. Company’s plants located in Lutsk and Cherkassy. All production processes are automated, as much as possible. The newest production line equipment from manufacturers completely versatile, allowing to make any cars of different brands and dimensions.

Trade and service network of the corporation represented by one of the largest operators on the Ukrainian automarket - "Bogdan-Avto Holding", which has branches in all regions of the country. In addition to developing commercial network, the corporation pays special attention to service. All branches of "Bogdan-Avto Holding" are equipped with modern technological equipment for service, warranty and non-warranty service of vehicles.

The main goal of Bogdan Corporation - trust and loyalty to brand Bogdan, assimilation with high quality and full availability of related services, integration of production and R&D potential of corporation to the  economy of Ukraine, as well as world market penetration.