The experimental medical evacuation platoon of one of the military mobile hospitals in the Combined Forces Operation area successfully performed its duties again having provided first aid and evacuating the wounded Ukrainian serviceman from the frontline, the Chief military medical command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine informs.
After the platoon’s staffing structure, consisting of forces and means of the field mobile hospital in the Combined Forces Operation area, has been approved, the military doctors started searching for candidates to work in medical evacuation crews.
According to experts of the Chief military medical command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is desirable that future specialist of the medical evacuation crew has intermediate or higher medical qualification, and has an experience of participating in Anti-terrorist or Combined Forces Operation. The newly-created platoon is also in need of medical aidmen-drivers, who’ll be driving the new «Bogdan 2251» medical vehicles.
After a candidate signs a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine he/she is to undergo special (medical), general (military) and combat expert trainings according to his/her military registration specialty. The new military will also get all the social guarantees foreseen by Ukrainian legislation.
It should be reminded that in October of 2018 Bogdan has fulfilled the contract on production and supply of «Bogdan 2251» medical vehicles ahead of schedule. All cars were sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Then the military have received the final batch of the cars designed to transport and evacuate the wounded to hospitals.