The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Poltava region-based depot for preparation and preservation of property and equipment has already received and prepared a regular batch of medical vehicles to be sent to military units and detachments in the Joint Forces Operation area, the military inform.
Bogdan medical vehicles as well as MT-LB-S tracked vehicles have already undergone all commissioning and registration procedures at the military unit.
The staff has prepared all vehicles for operation and assigned them to the military units executing battle missions in Eastern Ukraine.
«This is the first relocation of the equipment to the frontline this year. The process of replacing the obsolete and outdated vehicles with the new ones continues actively. In 2018 we sent nearly 120 vehicles with «Bogdan 2251» and MT-LB-S vehicles, and reanimobiles among them to the Joint Forces Operation area. All vehicles have modern medical equipment and are ready to perform their duties», - commander of the military unit, lieutenant-colonel of the medical service Oleksandr Maliar noted.
It should be reminded that according to the Armed Forces’ program on medical service development up to the year 2020, approved by the Defense Minister, an experimental medical evacuation platoon has been created based on the 65th military field hospital. It operates according to NATO standards.
18 evacuation crews employing «Bogdan 2251» vehicles have been created as well. The crews consist of a senior military doctor, combat doctor, and a medical aidman-driver. All the crews operate along the front line in the Joint Forces’ operation area. They work on a territorial basis and evacuate the wounded from their areas of responsibility.