«Bogdan» Corporation has delivered five 12-metres long electrobus bodies to the French eco-transport manufacturer «Bluebus», the press-service of PJSC «AC Bogdan Motors» reports.
The corporation has fulfilled all the conditions of the international contract by delivering the bus bodies in terms foreseen by the contract. The French company has highly estimated the quality of the Ukrainian produce and expressed interest to continue cooperation.
«The contract proves the competitiveness of Ukrainian automotive industry at the EU market. Our enterprises have the advantage of price and, what is more, hold out for quality. With the state support provided Ukrainian manufacturers are likely to enforce their positions and obtain new customers in Europe», - director of the assembly plant #1 of the PJSC «AC Bogdan Motors» Dmytro Pysanyi underlined.
The parties have signed the bodies supply contract in spring of 2018. The contract made it possible for «Bogdan» to enter the Western European market. The bus bodies have been produced at the «Assembly plant #1» in Lutsk. Since 2008 the enterprise designs and manufactures electric transport in Ukraine. The contract is likely to become a basis for expansion of cooperation between Ukrainian producer and French customer.
Besides, it should be reminded that Danish «BankeElectromotive» Company and «Assembly plant #1» have signed contracts on designing and production of the specialized electric trucks for EU cities. In 2018 «Bogdan» corporation plans to produce at least 15 electric trucks for Denmark. The first truck to leave the plant already in summer. In case it successfully passes the test drives, the series production will start already this year.