Performing a new contract, signed at the beginning of 2019, Bogdan Motors’s Car Assembly plant #1 has produced the first 18-meters-long coach body for the French company Bluebus, producing electric buses. At present, the European partner is testing the body. After that Bogdan’s plant in Lutsk is going to start a batch production – Dmytro Pysanyi, director of the Car assembly plant #1 informs.
The chief design department is also developing the solid 12-meters-long integral low-alloy steel body. This would become a new step in Bluebus-Bogdan collaboration.
“Partnership with European companies is an important development vector for the corporation. We are willing to expand our international links to promote Ukrainian produce. At the same time, we hope in the company that Ukraine would also pay attention to the achievements by specialists of the SE “Car assembly plant #1”. The enterprise is capable of providing Ukrainian cities with modern high-quality electric transport” – they note in the corporation.
In the frameworks of the past-year’s contract Bogdan Motors has sent six 12-meters-long bus bodies to France. They were produced from construction steel and underwent cataphoresis to improve corrosion resistance. The new bodies will be stronger and will serve longer.
It should be reminded that at the beginning of 2019 Bogdan Motors enhanced international cooperation having signed a new contract with France’s Bluebus on producing bodies for electric buses. The new contact proves that the European partner strives for continuing cooperation which has started in 2018. The high quality of Bogdan’s produce and keeping of production schedule became the main factors to continue collaboration.
The corporation has also cooperated with other European states – the electric urban bus “Bogdan A70100” is currently working in the streets of Polish cities. Besides, the Denmark’s Banke Electromotive has received a new ERCV27 – the first Ukrainian fully electric truck, manufactured by SE “Car assembly plant #1” in Lutsk.
Bluebus is a French manufacturer of the environmentally friendly urban transport. The company employs only leading up-to-date technologies and aims at reducing harm to the environment.