Bus Motor LLC is the business unit of the Bogdan Corporation and the exclusive distributor of vehicles under the brand Bogdan with unlimited sales territory, which sales all grades of buses - small, medium, large and extra-large in different versions: travel, intercity, suburban, municipal, school and special purposes as well as trolleybuses with low floor of different lengths and passenger capacity. All vehicles meet different passenger traffic, road surface conditions and, importantly, the traffic capacity of roads.

Vehicles provided by Bus Motor marked as vehicles with high level of reliability and  durability, confirmation is why long-term operation of buses and trolleybuses Bogdan in different countries. Today you can buy the following models: BOGDAN A70132 city bus (Euro 5), suburban bus BOGDAN A14532 (Euro 5), trolley bus T70117. In connection with the introduction of ecological standard Euro-5 from January 1, 2016 are planned to produce and sell the following models: school bus BOGDAN A22412 (Euro 5) and city buses - Bogdan A22112 (Euro 5), BOGDAN A22115 CNG (Euro 5, fuel gas, methane), BOGDAN A70115 CNG (Euro 5, fuel gas, methane) suburban bus (Euro 5).