«BOGDAN» corporation presented the improved version of the «BOGDAN 2251» medical vehicle. The new model has more than a dozen modifications. Military journalist of the «PROviisko» program had a chance to personally assess the vehicles’ quality.
Military medics were involved into the improvement process under the Defense Ministry’s order. The military reconsidered their demands as to the driver’s cab equipment and medical trailer. Its interior has been redesigned in order to improve the comfort for the military doctors while performing their duties.
Changes introduced to the front protection of the vehicle became another major improvement. Additional flashing lights atop and on the sides of a car were installed as well. Besides, the designers made it possible to unblock the doors at the speed of less than 20 km/h.
The trailer interior was improved as well. According to Yevhen Kalyna, chief designer of the «Car assembly plant №2» they had installed new litter fixation mechanisms. The slides were adapted for domestic and NATO-standard litters.
The autonomous heating system was installed to guarantee comfort in winter. The temperature of +35 degrees Celsius inside the car could be reached within a couple of minutes.
«Hardly any military vehicle is put into operation without some additional modifications», - says Yuriy Povkh, head of the JSC AC «BOGDAN Motors» PR department.
The modified «BOGDAN» vehicles would be later sent to the frontline. All the modifications have been already approved by military medics, drivers and representatives of the Defense Ministry.
It should be reminded that in April the «Car assembly plant №2» has supplied Ukrainian military with the first batch of the necessary equipment. The «BOGDAN 2251» medical vehicles have been designed taking into account the demands and latest experience in the field of premedical assistance for the military. The vehicles are used by military medical units, mobile evacuation units, and by military hospitals. Besides, the car could be used to transport or evacuate the wounded from the military medical units and field hospitals to other medical facilities. «BOGDAN 2251» can transport up to 8 wounded.