These days there are 10 548 buses, produced by Bogdan Motors, working in Ukraine. Every day they carry passengers in numerous Ukrainian cities and towns, Bogdan’s press-service notes.
The number of modern buses by Ukrainian manufacturer continues growing. They are gradually replacing the outdated transport. Ukrainian cities are renewing their public transport fleets procuring buses which fit European quality and safety norms.
“Our company was always ready to meet infrastructure challenges, Ukrainian cities used to face. In 1990-ies Bogdan managed to timely resolve the problem of lack of public transport having started producing small buses. Over the course of time they’ve become obsolete and now there is a need to replace them with big modern buses and trolleybuses produced according to European standards. Bogdan Motors has a long-term experience in manufacturing transport of a kind. Buses and trolleybuses by Bogdan are working not only in Ukraine, but in the EU member-states as well” – the Corporation’s message says.
They emphasize in Bogdan that densely populated cities are in need of new large transport. Big buses and trolleybuses would make it possible to guarantee safety and comfort for passengers as well as relieve roads and reduce congestions. This is proven by numerous urbanists who stress on the importance of renewing public transport fleets for cities’ development.
“Passengers have to be guaranteed the high quality urban transportation. Modern public transport, in particular, large buses and trolleybuses, will make it possible. Being equipped with air-conditioning and other important systems, they are comfortable for all categories of citizens, including persons with disabilities, elderly citizens, and passengers with kids” – they mark in the Corporation.
It should be reminded that Bogdan is already collaborating with local self-governments in the frameworks of “Modern public transport in Ukraine” project, which is financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European Investment Bank. Due to this program a number of Ukrainian cities have already procured new comfortable buses and trolleybuses.