Mobile mortar complex UKR-MMC based on the “Bars-8MMK” armored vehicle – a development of “Bogdan” produced in cooperation with the State Enterprise “Ukroboronservis” and the Spanish company “Everis Aeroespacial y Defensa S.l” – entered the rating of the main achievements of the Ukrainian defense industry in 2017 by the international volunteer community InformNapalm.
Specialists of InformNapalm have studied the results of manufacturing activities in 2017 of more than a hundred companies of “Ukroboronprom”, dozens of enterprises of the League of Defense Enterprises of Ukraine, Association of Manufacturers of Arms and Military Equipment of Ukraine, some Ukrainian developers and manufacturers of defense industry. Volunteers have gathered a massive array of information from open sources, which shows that Ukraine is actively increasing military-technical potential and the defense capability of the army in the conditions of Russian aggression.
“For the de-occupation of the territories a strong army is needed, because “a good word and a gun can do more than just a good word,” noted in InformNapalm.
The UKR-MMC is designed for an effective counter-battery fighting and high-precision fire support for the motorized infantry units at the level of the squadron-battalion in a modern maneuvering war conditions. The time to bring the complex from its original position to combat – not more than 35 seconds. It takes no more than 25 seconds to leave the position after the final shot.
The complex is equipped with a 120-mm mortar 2B11 with a range of firing ammunition up to 7.2 km. The ammunition complex includes 60 mines. With the necessary experience, the service can provide a shot speed of up to 12 shots per minute.
The crew of the combat vehicle consists of three persons. The complex is equipped with an automated digital fire control system. It can be integrated into the digital information exchange system on the battlefield to obtain the exact coordinates of the enemy in real time.
The armored car is equipped with the American diesel engine Cummins in volume of 6,7 l which allows to develop the speed up to 120 km/h. Total weight – up to 12 tons. Armor protection of the mortar complex corresponds to the second level of STANAG 4569.