Passenger vehicles

Bogdan Corporation has the most advanced enterprise in Ukraine with full-scale production of passenger vehicles in the city of Cherkassy


The history of car production by the Bogdan Corporation begins in 2000, when using Volga Automobile Plant (AvtoVAZ, Russia) car-kits there first cars were assembled. Till now, the company heavily invests in the development, expansion and modernization of production. In June 20, 2008 the first auto-manufacturing enterprise weas put into operation since start of existence of independent Ukraine. Investment into this project amounted to more than 330 million dollars.

  • The plant is located on the land area of 20 hectares
  • The total area of all production facilities - 120 000 m2
  • Area of the Administrative building - 10 000 m2

Production capacities

The plant capacity is 120 000 - 150 000 cars per year. The structure of the plant includes two car assembly workshops, two welding shops, finishing shops, testing, logistics, and a unique painting shop for the painting of bodies and plastic products. The process of electrodeposition (deposition of the prime coat) distinguishes our plant from similar enterprises on the former Soviet area.

Models Range

Under the licenses, the Corporation assembling 10th familys LADA cars, Hyundai Tucson, Elantra XD Accent on its production sites. The Corporation has recently started production of the own designed pick-up vehicle on the base of LADA 2110. The design of the wagon makes possible to install compressed gas feed system. Currently, it is a period of testing and certification of this vehicle, and also preparing a second version of pick-up - onboard tent modification with frame structure.

Technology & Innovation

The plant is equipped with modern equipment from leading manufacturers. All machines are automatic and universal, that allow producing cars of any brand and size. Production lines provided by the recognized global suppliers, such as EISENMANN, DURR, VAZ, HYUNDAI.

Quality Standards

Absolutely all vehicles, that rolling off the production line, are tested for quality and reliability. Compliance with high standards during the production is achieved at the expense of automation and high skilled professional staff. Results for the year of the plant operation, it was able to complete the creation of enterprise quality management system and obtain the relevant certificate, registered in HS UkrSEPRO


WOS Assembly Plant #2
PJSC Automobile Company
Bogdan Motors
8/2 Sumgaitskiaya str., Cherkassy, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0472 339 393

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