Basing on the results of tests from the Training center of Command of Highly Mobile Airborne Troops, Bogdan Corporation expects to receive orders from Ukraine's military and security forces at least for 10 multi-purpose "BARS-8" vehicles within contract which amounts approximately to 60 mln. UAH. The vehicles can be passed to customers before the end of the 3rd quarter of 2016. Upgraded version of BARS-8 vehicle will be represented at Military Training Area near Zhytomyr on 27-29 May, 2016.
"BARS-8" all-terrain vehicle with enhanced durability has passed tests of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine this April. "KIA Military KM-450" multi-purpose truck, "Hyundai HD65" and "Hyundai HD120" trucks as well as "Bogdan Cargo" and "Bogdan Nurse" framed vehicles with all-wheel drive will be represented at the Military Training Area together with "BARS-8".
Visitors will be able to get acquainted with a "BARS-8" multi-function all-terrain armored vehicle, which has already passed determinative tests and received positive test results in Ukraine's military training areas. This vehicle was designed in Ukraine and is equipped according to the most up-to-date demands arisen by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

"BARS-8" is announced as all-terrain vehicle with enhanced durability with payload of 2 tons; the vehicle can move up to 10 persons in cross-country unpaved terrain for execution of tactical tasks. Main advantages of "BARS-8" model: mine and ballistic protection according to STANAG 4569 Level 2 standard, chassis made for Dodge Ram, enhanced cross-country capacity with 4x4 wheel formula, enhanced suspension and axles, 6.7l turbo diesel engine made by Cummins (385 h.p.), which allows the vehicle to climb sharp hills and protects from roll-over in cross-country conditions. If it is necessary, this multi-purpose armored vehicle can be equipped with different combat modules and can be converted to fulfill different combat missions, such as operational-tactical, ambulance, command or UAV command vehicle etc.
Automobile Company "Bogdan Motors" hereby informs that they are ready to discuss special terms of contracts, special pricing offers and that the company offers the widest sales & service geography in Ukraine to its esteemed customers.