«BARS-8» armored vehicle designed by Ukrainian car building company Bogdan Motors has successfully undergone the state testing which lasted for more than 2 years. The vehicle has been designed according to the latest international standards taking into account the demands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
«BARS-8» vehicle has successfully passed all stages of the testing: running tests, fording, driving in off-road conditions, hill-climbing tests, airdrop capability, firing tests, explosion tests, bullet resistance, and other important tests.
«BARS-8» became the second armored vehicle after the «Kozak-2» (designed by research and production association «Praktyka») to undergo the state testing.
«BARS-8» is built on all-terrain 4×4 wheeled chassis and is equipped with 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel engine. The vehicle offers STANAG 4569 Level 2 standard protection against bullet fires and mine blasts, and crew support systems. The armored vehicle could be also equipped with smoke grenade launchers, communication and navigation systems, night and day observation devices, tire inflation system, fire extinguishing system installed at engine compartment, camouflage coverings, ballistic protection of the body, and autonomous climate system.
The specialized armored cars based on “Bars-8” vehicle allow installing various weapon stations and armaments.
The «Bars-8» family of vehicles is designed to be used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in combat situations. The vehicle can be configured to perform different roles such as: armored personnel carrier, cargo transporter, tactical armored vehicle to be used at checkpoints and elsewhere as well as a medical evacuation vehicle.
The basic sitting capacity is 8 to 10 persons in full uniform. The access to the crew compartment is enabled by two wide side and rear doors. In case of danger, the troops could evacuate through the hatch on top of the vehicle.
Having undergone the state testing, Bogdan Motors is going to supply the armored vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine as well as promote the vehicle at foreign markets.