About JAC

JAC Motors is a reliable automobile manufacturing company that has been in existence since 1964, specializing in manufacturing cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses.

Every automobile manufactured by JAC Motors is an embodiment of:

  • Italian design, because JAC Motors design center is located in Milan, Italy and supervised by the world-renowned designer Daniele Gaglione, who in the past designed automobiles for Alfa-Romeo, Maserati and Chrysler;
  • German quality: German quality standards are implemented at the JAC-Volkswagen joint venture, while VW experts fully control the setup of automobile’s all systems;
  • Japanese reliability, embodied in robotized automobile production lines, the use of simple and time-tested technologies, and quality control at every stage of production process.

As of today, JAC Motors has:

  • joint ventures with Volkswagen and Cummins
  • two R&D centers in Italy and China
  • Representative offices in 130 countries of the world in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia
  • Almost 60 years of experience in automotive production


20 cities in Ukraine
30 dealer centers
11 models
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