International cooperation

International cooperation in building modern vehicle transport is the objective reality of our time. Bogdan actively participates in creating vehicles of European brands at the stages of producing the bodies for electric buses, utility and specialized vehicles.

Bogdan products have proved their worth abroad, as witnessed by contracts with the French company Bluebus on manufacture of bodies for electric buses. In addition, Bogdan A70100 electric buses are successfully operated in various cities of Poland and the Czech Republic.

Bogdan also gained experience from participation in tenders for supply of electric vehicle transport to European cities. It was the first time a Ukrainian manufacturer was able to enter the Czech market with new trolleybuses. A consortium of Bogdan Corporation and the Czech company Tram For Envi will deliver new self-powered trolleybuses to a transportation company in Jihlava, Czech Republic.

Bus Motor LLC is actively developing a business relationship with a company – member of ZTE Corporation, a global leader in 5G telecommunications and electric mobility. The first phase of cooperation envisages delivery of a demo bus for testing in Ukraine. The new electric bus meets all environmental and technical regulations and has a European certificate. The SKD/CKD manufacturing of electric buses at Bus Motor LLC’s production facilities is also under consideration.

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