About Hyundai

Hyundai Motor Ukraine has been the official Hyundai auto distributor in Ukraine since 1999. The company was established to provide a full range of automobile sales and maintenance services in accordance with the highest international standards. Hyundai Motor Ukraine’s dealership network includes 36 outlets across the entire country, offering unique warranty terms: 5 years / 100,000 km, or 4 years / unlimited mileage.

Hyundai automobiles proved themselves as modern, reliable vehicles easy to operate. Innovativeness, streamlined manufacture, reliability, optimal price-to-quality ratio, and high-quality warranty service make Hyundai vehicles some of the most popular both in Ukraine and in the leading global markets. Our most important goal is to make humankind’s dreams come true by creating a new future thanks to genial thinking and continuous self-improvement.

Hyundai Motor Group created a new vision, “Progress for Humanity”, to fulfil its role and responsibility as a reliable global company. Hyundai Motor Company defines its vision of a lifetime partner in the automotive world and beyond, in order to get closer to its customers and become their favorite brand. An automobile is no longer just a motor vehicle that unites people; it has transformed into a living space playing the central role in the life of people. Therefore, Hyundai Motor Company wants to become a reliable, stable partner in daily life of its customers. At this time, we are developing eco-friendly and humanity-oriented technologies of the future and creating optimized global control systems to provide better experience to our customers.

Implementing a new vision in the automotive world

We want to expand the concept of automobile from currently existing simple motor vehicles to a new space that unites people with their families, work and society. By transforming an automobile into a part of the living space in which people can exist at any time, we want to impart new meaning into a traditional automobile.

Innovative mobility solutions

We will create favorable conditions for our customers by increasing our competitiveness in the global market. Beginning from product design and ending with maintenance service, we guarantee the conformity of every automobile-related process with the maximum quality of our customer service.

Human-oriented, eco-friendly technologies and services

Thanks to innovative technologies, our automotive business will bring stability and comfort in life. In addition, we will continue implementing responsible management by continuously developing new, energy efficient technologies. We will also expand the area of our business from auto manufacturing to everything related to automobile transport, including raw materials, spare parts, financing, used vehicles and recycling. We will also use the most advanced information technologies to maximize the connection with our customers.


24 cities in Ukraine
36 dealer centers
16 models
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