The corporation’s oldest enterprise, Lutsk Automobile Factory, was established in February 1951 on the basis of repair workshops and received the status of repair factory. It manufactured transporters for agriculture, stands for tractor engines and other products.


Launch of the first line of an auto repair factory, designed to repair GAZ-51 and GAZ-93 vehicles and manufacture spare parts for them.


Lutsk Repair Factory renamed into Lutsk Mechanical Engineering Plant, which became specialized in manufacturing auto bodies (auto shops, auto refrigerators, refrigerated trailers and special-purpose items).


The first 50 small ZAZ-969V cars assembled in December. The beginning of their production in the Volhynia marked the advent of a new sector of mechanical engineering: automotive industry. On 11 December 1966, Lutsk Mechanical Engineering Plant was renamed into Lutsk Automobile Factory (LuAZ).


Launch of the serial production of LuAZ-969A 4×4 vehicles with improved cross-country performance and LuAZ-967M transporters.


Launch of the serial production of a modernized LuAZ-969M vehicle, more familiar to the public as “Volynianka”, positively distinguishable from its predecessors both in appearance and with a number of innovative solutions. Even before the beginning of mass production, the vehicle received high praises at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy in Moscow. In 1978, the LuAZ-969M was named among the top ten vehicles at the Turin International Auto Show in Italy, and in July 1979, this model was awarded a gold medal at an international auto show in Czechoslovakia. The LuAZ-969M was also praised at auto shows in Belgium, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary.


Lutsk Automobile Factory, State Enterprise transformed into an open joint-stock company.


One of the companies soon-to-join Bogdan Corporation becomes an authorized KIA dealer in Ukraine.


Acquisition of Cherkasy Auto Repair Factory (subsequently Cherkasy Bus OJSC). Construction and opening of the first car dealership, both selling at the retail level and providing maintenance services for cars (Kyiv, Ukraine).


Release of the first small-class Bogdan bus. Signature of an agreement on Hyundai distribution in Ukraine.


A commercial auction selling the controlling stock in Lutsk Automobile Factory OJSC won by Ukrprominvest Concern, marking the beginning of a new era in the enterprise’s history. Launch of “semi knocked-down” (SKD) assembly of motor vehicles.


Beginning of export of Bogdan buses.


Signature of a general agreement with Isuzu Motors Limited (Japan) on the use of the Isuzu brand on Ukrainian-manufactured buses sold in foreign markets.


Bogdan Corporation established via a voluntary merger of 20 legal entities.

Lutsk Automobile Factory OJSC launches a bus manufacturing program, builds the first 35 A066, A144 and A145 buses.


Bogdan Corporation (Ukraine), Isuzu Motors Limited (Japan) and Sojits Corporation (Japan) signed a trilateral agreement establishing a specialized enterprise. Launch of the manufacture of A06900 and A06921 buses running on Hyundai County chassis.


Start of the manufacture of tourist-class Bogdan buses. Bus exports to ex-Soviet states reach 50% of the total production output. Launch of the manufacture of A231 buses, E231 trolleybuses and A50110 low-floor city buses.


Laying the foundation for development of large-scale truck manufacturing. A new truck and commercial machinery assembly plant opened in Cherkasy, Ukraine. Launch of the manufacture of A09202 city buses, A06904 school buses, A60110 low-floor city buses, and T50110 and T60111 trolleybuses.


Launch of the manufacture of A09280 city buses and A40162 tourist buses. Manufacture of T80110 low-floor city trolleybuses started the same year.


Launch of the manufacture of A70190 buses providing airport transfer service, presentation of new models of low-floor city trolleybuses: T60112, T70110, T70115 and T90110.


Presentation of new modifications of A30212 low-floor buses, A80190 airport buses, and several models of small buses running on Hyundai County chassis: A06902, A06906 and A06922. Launch of the serial production of Hyundai-based A20110 and A20111 buses, launch of the manufacture of A70110 low-floor city buses.


Presentation of new modifications of Hyundai-based A20210 and A20211 buses, and of A70522 hybrid buses with a Euro 5 engine.


Launch of the manufacture of JAC J5 automobiles at the Automotive Assembly Plant No 2 SE. A pre-production T70116 low-floor trolleybus built in Lutsk. This model was certified in Europe, allowing the company to sell 38 T70116 trolleybuses in Lublin, Poland during 2013-2015. Development and launch of the serial production of A06907 school buses and Ashok Leyland-based A22110 buses.


Due to the outbreak of war in the east of Ukraine, the automobile factory in Cherkasy changes specialization. Start of the preparatory work on reprogramming production operations to manufacture military vehicles. Development of Iveco-based A70132 buses with a Euro 5 engine, expansion of the model range of 12-meter T70117 and T70118 trolleybuses. The same year, the company developed and built a pre-production A70100 electric bus. This vehicle received a European certificate, and was sold to Poland in May 2015.


Manufacture of the first batches of Bogdan-6317 and Bogdan-5316 vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Development and manufacture of A14532 suburban buses with a Euro 5 engine; development and manufacture of Ashok Leyland 6-based A22111 and A22211 city buses.


Start of the work on designing the Bogdan -2251 medical vehicle.


Clearance of the Bogdan-2251 medical vehicle, the multipurpose Bogdan-2351 off-roader and a modernized multipurpose Bogdan-63172 truck with improved cross-country performance for experimental use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


The first Haval (a new automotive marque in Ukraine at the time) dealership opens in Kyiv. The importer company announced the plans to open official dealerships of this automaker in all regional centers and reach the top 10 in the rating of the most popular automobiles in Ukraine.


The BARS-8 armored vehicle approved for use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Manufacture, jointly with Ukroboronservis State Enterprise, of the 120-mm BARS-8MMK mortar and the BARS-8AR artillery reconnaissance vehicle.

Clearance for experimental use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the Bogdan-3355 and Bogdan KM-450 vehicles, which in 2018-2019 successfully passed decisive departmental tests.

Launch of the manufacture of trolleybuses under a contract with Kyivpastrans CE. The company also wins a tender for delivery of 57 Bogdan T70117 low-floor trolleybuses with ancillary equipment for Kharkiv.


The Automotive Assembly Plant No 1 SE receives patent for a multifunctional electric truck. The multifunctional electricity-driven truck from the Lutsk manufacturer can be considered a perfectly tuned and fully-tested vehicle ready for serial production and commercial operation by potential customers.

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