About “Bogdan”


This is the potential of a group of companies representing their own production divisions, trade associations and competencies of partner companies in the domestic and foreign markets. Bogdan Corporation was established in February 2005 through merger of several automotive companies, and soon, it was joined by partner companies. The consolidation allowed to implement large-scale investment projects and create modern mechanical engineering centers in our country.


Our corporation became the first in Ukraine to create new production facilities and launch several automotive assembly plants of various specializations. Over the years, we have proved our competencies in manufacturing cars, trucks, specialized, military, passenger and other motor vehicles. Next in line is the transition to electricity-powered traction in all segments of the automotive industry. Both our production facilities and highly-skilled personnel are ready for that. Bogdan does not live by past achievements – we create the future today!


Trust and loyalty to our brand, association with high quality and maximal availability of all related services, integration of the corporation’s production and R&D potential in the national economy, and entry into global markets.


Developing modern automotive production and creating high-tech products under the Bogdan brand, which our customers can use to achieve higher quality of life, dynamicity, success and prosperity.

6000 modern buses and
trolleybuses of all classes
120 000 cars
15 000+ trucks and specialized
machinery units.

Our corporation’s automotive production enterprises are systemically important for the economies of regions in which they are located and for the nation on the whole. Thanks to its powerful production base, Bogdan is a participant of the national program of renewing the cities’ public transport fleets with modern vehicles in combination with comprehensive solutions for transportation infrastructure.

Today, Bogdan Corporation manufactures buses, trolleybuses, trucks and specialized machinery. The corporation’s own or partner trading companies represent the world-renowned automakers Hyundai, Haval, Great Wall, JAC, Subaru and others.

Achievements in the automotive industry also allowed Bogdan to expand its business activity by launching the manufacture of modern low-noise elevators, which are already operated in ultramodern architectural complexes.

Expanding cooperation with European companies is an important vector of our corporation’s development, and our international contracts prove that.

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