The ceremony of handing over two new Bogdan T70117 trolleybuses manufactured by the Automotive Assembly Plant No 1 SE was held in Lutsk today. The handover ceremony, which took place in the square in front of the city’s railway station, was attended by representatives of Lutsk City Council, Lutsk Electric Transport Enterprise, senior managers of the manufacturer company, and representatives of mass media. Official documents certifying the delivery-acceptance of new trolleybuses were signed by Lutsk Mayor Ihor Polishchuk and by the Director of the Automotive Assembly Plant No 1 SE, Dmytro Pysanyi. The total number of trolleybuses delivered as of today is 12 units. The contract signed on 27 April 2020 envisages delivery of the total of 29 trolleybuses to the administrative center of the Volhynian Oblast. The Bogdan T70117 trolleybus has a low floor, a folding ramp, and seats equipped for handicapped passengers. This model boasts an air conditioner of the interior and a separate air conditioner in the driver’s cab. Passengers can take advantage of the Wi-Fi Internet access and USB ports. It is worth reminding that in the conditions of COVID-19 pandemic, personnel of Bogdan automobile factory in Lutsk invented a method of preventing the fast spread of coronavirus inside the vehicle. On 26 October 2020, they received the patent No 144745 for the utility model “Method of cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces and air of the interior of motor vehicles”.