Bogdan Motors signed a new contract with the France’s Bluebus company on manufacturing bodies for electric buses. The Ukrainian company has the experience in producing bus bodies of a kind, having supplied 5 bodies under the contract in 2018, Bogdan’s press-service informs. «Beginning of the year 2019 marked the enforcement of international cooperation for the company. We signed a new contract with our European partner. Last year France’s Bluebus has received 6 bodies, manufactured by Bogdan’s Car assembly plant in Lutsk. The French partner was satisfied with quality of our produce and compliance with terms of production. Therefore, they’ve decided to continue collaboration», – the corporation’s press-service notes. Bluebus is a French company manufacturing environmentally friendly public transport. They are employing latest technologies and aim at reducing harm to the environment. It should be reminded that in the frameworks of the first contracts Bogdan Motors has delivered six 12-meters-long bus bodies to France, thus entering the Western European market. Earlier, the corporation has also collaborated with Eastern Europe – the «Bogdan A70100» urban electric bus is successfully operating in Poland. Besides, high professionalism of Ukrainian specialists has been also proven by a contract with Denmark’s Banke Electromotive. The Car Assembly Plant #1 in Lutsk has manufactured electric ERCV27 – the first 100% electric Ukrainian truck to operate in Denmark. Earlier they stressed in Bogdan that an electric bus is a money-saving and environmentally friendly public transport capable of reshaping the entire urban transportation system. And Bogdan is ready to supply Ukrainian cities with the buses of a kind in case there are orders from them.