“Bogdan” corporation has fulfilled the contract on production and supply of “Bogdan 2251” medical vehicles ahead of schedule. All cars were sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The military have received the final batch. Those vehicles are designed to transport or evacuate the wounded to hospitals.

“Bogdan 2251” vehicles were delivered to the military units: the corporation has fulfilled the Defense Ministry’s order ahead of schedule and provided the Army with necessary modern equipment needed. The vehicles are capable of working in off-road conditions to instantly evacuate the wounded. They are to replace the outdated Soviet cars” – the press-service of “Bogdan” corporation notes. “Bogdan 2251” are designed for military medical units, mobile evacuation units, and by military hospitals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It could be used to evacuate the wounded from the military medical units and field hospitals. The vehicle could transport 8 wounded.

The test drives and procurement of “Bogdan 2251” have started in 2016. The car has been constantly modernized – all the improvements were approved by military doctors, drivers and representatives of the Defense Ministry. 10 major changes have been introduced: the military reconsidered their demands as to the driver’s cab equipment and medical trailer. Its interior has been redesigned in order to improve the comfort for the military doctors while performing their duties. The vehicles were equipped with autonomous heating system and the additional special heater for the fuel flow system. They state in the Ministry of Defense that the modernized version of “Bogdan 2251” fully corresponds to military and medical requirements. Before “Bogdan 2251” was introduced, the soviet-designed UAZ-452 has been the main military medical vehicle. According to drivers, “Bogdan 2251” is considerably more reliable than its predecessor, which was used yet by the soviet army and could fail at any moment.