The first 100% electric Ukrainian-made truck, manufactured for Denmark’s “Banke International” has been presented by “Bogdan” at SE “Car Assembly Plant #1” in Lutsk, the press-service of the corporation informs. ERCV27 electric truck is designed for loading solid household waste. It will be working in the cities of the European Union. “This electric vehicle corresponds to modern technical standards and is manufactured according to European environmental regulations. We all know that starting from 2025 the cities of the European Union plan to ban diesel vehicles on their roads. Thus, production of the electric trucks is not only a perspective direction, but a necessity in modern market conditions”, – they note in “Bogdan’s” press-service. They emphasize in the Corporation that environmentally-friendly transport is a promising sphere for Ukraine with “Bogdan” becoming the first to take its place in it. The Ukrainian company sees a great perspective in producing the special-purpose vehicles for the EU member-states, as they are voicing a great demand for “green” technologies. Moreover, Ukrainian cities, which pay considerable attention to eco-friendly transport, are likely to become interested in electric vehicles as well. The Ukrainian-made electric truck was praised by “Bogdan’s” client – Banke Electromotive. The mass production of ERCV27 within the frameworks of the contract with this European company will begin after the trucks’ certification in Denmark. At the same time, they note in “Bogdan” that Ukraine now pays little attention to the vehicles of a kind, while the whole world starts refusing from obsolete trucks which pollute the environment. “As long as European companies order eco-friendly special vehicles for the removal of household waste from a Ukrainian manufacturer, our state is lagging behind in this matter. Although the “Bogdan’s” electric truck with its characteristics outpaces its analogues and the company is ready to produce it for Ukrainian cities”, – the corporation’s press service notes. ERCV27 special-purpose vehicle is capable of making up to 80 km/hour. Its drive range at full maximum load is 220 km without recharging of the traction batteries. Their lifetime reaches 12 years. The truck is equipped with a combined ventilation, water heaters, video-surveillance and air conditioning systems. It should be reminded that “Bogdan” has the experience of producing up-to-date trolleybuses for Ukraine and Europe, electric buses for Poland and Czech Republic, as well as the electric bus bodies for France.