Ukrainian journalists had an opportunity to get acquainted with the production cycle of “Bogdan 6317” all-road trucks. “Bogdan” has invited them to its plant in Cherkasy, the press-service of the corporation informs. Representatives of Ukrainian media have seen all the production stages of the vehicle. Managers and workers of the plant have explained them how the quality is being controlled at every stage. The Car Assembly Plant №2 has also shown the ready “Bogdan 6317” vehicles as well as informed about their characteristics and peculiarities.

It has to be reminded that in August another batch of all-terrain trucks «Bogdan 6317» has been sent to the armed forces of Ukraine. Executing the state defense order, the Car-assembly plant №2, located in Cherkasy, has handed over the certificates for the trucks to the representatives of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Till the end of the current year “Bogdan” plans to supply 200 “Bogdan 6317” trucks more. In general, «Bogdan 6317» line of trucks has been positively assessed by the operators. At present Ukrainian Army is in need of such general purpose trucks. The new high-quality vehicles are replacing the outdated Soviet-produced equipment. «Bogdan 6317» is a modern general purpose vehicle. It is equipped with a high-capacity 9.7L V6 Weichai Power turbocharged diesel engine developing 380 hp. These engines made it possible for Ukrainian manufacturers to improve the vehicles’ performance as well as to refuse from Russian-produced components.

The new truck has a 1447 kilometers fuel distance and is able to make 85 km/h carrying 11 tons of cargo. It is capable of transporting 50 persons. Besides, the vehicle is designed to tow trailers on all categories of roads, including hard-top and dirt roads as well as in off-road conditions. Each vehicle has a 10-year producer’s warranty. «Bogdan 6317» will be gradually replacing the «Ural-375», «Ural-4320», «ZiL-131» trucks and military versions of «KAMAZ» vehicles, designed yet in 1960-70ies. Besides, production facilities of the majority of soviet military vehicles (except «KrAZ») are located on the territory of the aggressor-state. Thus, it is necessary that only domestic producers supply Ukrainian Army with modern military vehicles.