On September, 15 the largest military exercises “Rapid Trident 2018” ended in Lviv region of Ukraine. They took place at Yavoriv training ground and involved military men from 14 NATO member and partner states. The tough schedule has been thoroughly planned. The tactical tasks at all parts of the training ground have been drilled until the very closing ceremony.

The combat training mission to evacuate the wounded became one of the most important elements of the exercises. According to the task, the Armed Forces’ detachment which has consolidated the position, suffered from enemy’s shellfire. The detachment had many servicemen wounded and one – killed. Besides, the detachment’s medic has been wounded as well. Therefore, according to the task, regular servicemen had to provide first aid and organize evacuation by road. Foreign instructors highly assessed the soldiers’ preparation and skills in tactical medicine, and noted that they witnessed not only decent theoretical base, but also firm practical knowledge. Those soldiers have already experienced real fights and therefore understand the importance of first aid and rapid evacuation from the battlefield.

It should be reminded that the new “Bodgan 2251” medical vehicle is being successfully tested in mountains. To perform the necessary tests, the vehicle has been sent to the medical unit of the “Tysovets” winter sports and educational base.