For Bogdan Corporation year 2018 became a year of clarifying the goals and successful realization of new ambitious goals. Our plans mostly concern challenges the country faces. Thus, renovation of the vehicle fleets in cities and introduction of modern transport there was the main task and the main working direction for «Bogdan Motors». Besides, we continue modernizing military equipment for Ukrainian army. At the same time, we understand that access to foreign markets is extremely important for the company’s image, therefore, expansion of cooperation with European companies is one of our key vectors as well. Bogdan possesses everything to develop its manufacturing potential – modern equipment and skilled specialists. The progress in fulfilling the tasks put as well as readiness to face new challenges became our main goals for 2019.

Renovation of the vehicle fleets In 2018 the brand «Bogdan» has celebrated its 20th anniversary. The company is now producing 12- and 18-meter long buses and trolleybuses, which are gradually replacing obsolete means of public transportation in Ukrainian cities. Depending on a model, modern urban buses and trolleybuses by Bogdan are capable of taking from 100 to 180 passengers each. They are adapted for persons with disabilities, having low floors, wheelchair space and buttons to signal the driver. Passengers don’t need to jump in or drag their bags up the high stairs. Besides, the new models are equipped with air conditioners, Wi-Fi, GPS navigators and dash cameras. All the buses correspond to European environmental standards. In the frameworks of the «Modern public transport in Ukraine» program funded by European partners, this year such Ukrainian cities as Ivano-Frankivsk, Sumy, Kherson and Kremenchuk received modern Bogdan’s buses and trolleybuses. They are not only comfortable for passengers and drivers, but are saving cities’ money as well. Bogdan trolleybuses consume 40% less electricity. Besides, they are equipped with traction batteries, allowing to connect distant districts without building additional trolley lines. As an example we could name the city of Kremenchuk. Autonomous Bogdan trolleybuses have connected the two banks of Dnipro river there. Due to increased output traction batteries, the trolleybuses are crossing the 1.2-kilometer-long bridge having no overhead wiring.

Another area of Bogdan Motors’s activity is production of the comfortable vehicles in the frameworks of the “SchoolBus” program. This year a number of new «Bogdan A22412» buses in Volyn, Kherson and Zhytomyr regions were bringing kids to schools and home. These buses have been assembled using components by best world manufacturers. They are equipped with seat belts and correspond to Euro 5 environmental standard. Due to the new transport kids got a chance to get to schools as well as attend various excursions safely and comfortably. The Corporation is a decent example of a Ukrainian company which is able to produce modern high-quality equipment which corresponds to European norms and matches its foreign analogues. At the same time, it seems as if the state is not willing to support Ukrainian car industry: the roads are filled with foreign public transport, which has no advantage over Ukrainian buses and trolleybuses. Modernization of the Armed Forces’ vehicle fleet Russia’s war against Ukraine has brought significant changes into Bogdan’s activities yet in 2014. At that time the corporation has provided its facilities to modernize and produce military equipment. Over the past years, including 2018, the company has modernized hundreds of military vehicles, renovating the vehicle fleet of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, overfilled with outdated soviet cars. At present, soviet «Ural» and «ZiL» vehicles are being gradually replaced by all-road «Bogdan 6317» trucks. These are multi-purpose trucks equipped with powerful V6 turbocharged diesel engines developing 280 hp. They make 85 km/h carrying up to 11 tons of cargo and could transport 50 persons in a specifically equipped compartment. Bogdan Motors is successfully completing the execution of the State Defense Order in 2018 and provides the Armed Forces of Ukraine with these new trucks. In November the company has fulfilled the contract on production and supply of “Bogdan 2251” medical vehicles to the Armed Forces ahead of schedule. These cars are designed for evacuating the wounded soldiers from the frontline to medical facilities. In the meantime, the multi-purpose off-roaders «Bogdan 2351» with 143 hp engines could be spotted on the territory of the Combined Forces Operation – they are replacing soviet UAZ vehicles. Besides, a new Ukrainian 120 mm mortar complex «Bars-8MMK» based on «Bars-8» armored vehicle has been successfully tested by Ukrainian military this year. This is a vehicle mounted on all-terrain 4×4 wheeled chassis and is equipped with 6.7L turbo diesel engine. It offers protection against bullet fires and mine blasts, includes crew support systems, communication and navigation systems, night and day observation devices and other important military equipment. Our enterprise is ready for the new orders by the Defense Ministry – the military car fleet has to consist of the newest vehicles. In turn, Bogdan is capable of providing the Army with modern Ukrainian-made cars. Opening of the new international markets Collaboration with international partners is one of the most important directions for Bogdan. Powerful production facilities, focus on advanced technologies as well as our employees’ professionalism have made it possible for the company to expand collaboration with leading European companies in 2018. In particular, Bogdan Motors has presented its first 100% electric truck, manufactured for a Western European company – Denmark’s Banke Electromotive. They’ve already received 2 trucks of a kind. The large-scale contract foresees serial production of this vehicle. ERCV27 truck will be used to collect solid household waste in European cities. A contract with France’s Bluebus company has also become a breakthrough for Bogdan. Having entered the Western European market our corporation manufactured and supplied bodies for 5 electric buses for this company. We clearly understand that in order to improve our production we urgently need collaboration with scientists and leading branch enterprises. Thus, in 2018 Bogdan Motors has signed a contract with Igor Sikorsky National Technical University of Ukraine to develop new technologies and new transport. Besides, we’ve also signed a 5-year contract with Kharkiv-based «Electrotiazhmash» state-owned enterprise. Thus, Bogdan trolleybuses as well as ERCV27 trucks would be equipped with Ukrainian-made electric engines. Our achievements are proven by contracts and specialists’ appreciation: Bogdan Motors has entered the list of Top-20 most innovative Ukrainian companies. The rating was prepared by «Dielovaya Stolitsa» specialized publication. Decent results shown are stimulating the corporation to improve its work and set new ambitions goals. Besides developing its own production, Bogdan hopes for cooperation with the state as well. In order to revive domestic engineering industry, guarantee jobs and provide the country with high-quality Ukrainian-made transport.